Important tips for using induction cooktop for Pressure Cooking


The cooking concept is undergoing rapid changes ever since induction cooking stoves embarked into home appliance market.  Induction cooking is one of the coolest experiences with a lot of advantages, and you need to have the best induction cooktop to reap the maximum cooking benefit.  The induction cooktop does not produce smoke or burning flames.  It does not require burning coils, filaments, gas or microwaves to produce the heat.The best induction cooktop portable works on electric power to produce electromagnetic waves and is used for cooking the food. The electromagnetic waves heat up only the food in the pan, but heat is transferred to the body of the pan or body of the stove.

Rule No. 1: Type of pan/pot

As a benchmark rule, use only a magnetic metal conductor pan or pot that has a flat bottom surface for cooking. 

Rule No. 2: Pre-heating

Do not pre-heat the pan/pot while using on an induction cooktop.  You must be habituated pre-heating your cooking pot in the conventional style.  What you can do is, cut and prepares all the food to be cooked.  Toss oil in the pan and turn on the induction cooktop and put the chopped/cleaned food item.

Rule No. 3:  Low heat

Since the induction cooking taking place in a different technology, there won't be enough time for the pressure cooker to release the pressure, and before that happens, the food would have cooked by the induction waves.  Therefore, keep the induction heat to the lower minimum level.  Remember the induction waves are faster than conventional heat waves and directly work with the food items to be cooked.

Rule No. 4: Regulate the pressure

Keep the heat level to medium or keep in low level allowing the pressure to build up in the pressure cooker.  Once the pressure is built up, reduce the heat level to generate the pressure for cooking.

Rule No. 5:  Do not leave the cooking area

Rule No. 6:  How to manage the heating issue?

Just be around the cooking area and maintain the heat level in the initial five minutes to bring the pressure in the vessel into the required level along with the temperature required for the cooking.

Rule No. 7:  Use timer setting or pre-set heating

It is advised to use timer setting or pre-set heating options.  The user’s guide provided along with the induction cooktop can give value information, how to use a pressure cooker on an induction cooktop.  Following the instruction in the manual can ease up your cooking job by using a pressure cooker.


The best induction cooktops are easy to use.  Its unique features to heat the food items directly without conducting heat to the vessel parts, heat won’t escape and helps to cook the food fast.  This will help you to save on energy bills and time.  Since the heat is not radiated in the room, the cooking area will be comparatively cool than conventional cooking area.  Quality always comes with a price and so never compromise on quality!